Inkcite 1.18.3

CDN Upload

Before sending Email Previews or starting a Compatibility Test the images in your email need to be uploaded somewhere publicly accessible. Inkcite will automatically upload any new or updated images (from your project’s images/ directory) to the CDN or other server.

Configuring Your CDN or Image Host

# Easy deployment of static assets to a public server or CDN.
  host: ''
  path: '/path/to/web/directory'

Note The path you specify must be both write-able by your user account and web-accessible so that recipients can load the images when they open your email.

If image optimization is configured, prior to uploading, Inkcite will pass new or updated images through ImageOptim.

As Inkcite is rendering the HTML for your email, it will automatically create fully-qualified URLs to the images in your email. To do this, it relies on the image-host setting.

# Preview-specific settings 
  image-host: ""

For example, if your company’s logo is saved to your project’s images/logo.jpg, Inkcite would upload the file to /path/to/web/directory/logo.jpg and then reference that image in the email’s HTML as

Inkcite saves you time by only uploading new or updated images to your CDN or Image Host. If you’d like to force Inkcite to re-upload all of the images associated with your email project, do so at the command line:

inkcite upload --force