Inkcite 1.18.3


Automatic numbering and management for reusable content with legalese

The purpose of this Helper is to simplify managing footnotes in emails that are assembled from partials that may appear in different orders in different emails. For example, a partial that requires one or more footnotes may be included in an email that alread has footnotes of its own. Inkcite takes care of both numbering footnotes as they are encountered and can also supress footnotes from appearing multiple times in a single email.


Example Inkcite markup:

 A statement requiring a disclaimer.{footnote id="legalese1" text="Supplies are limited. Conditions may apply." sup}

An example of the resulting email HTML output:

 A statement requiring a disclaimer.<sup style="font-size:70%;line-height:1;mso-text-raise:60%;vertical-align:top">1</sup>


This attribute allows you to control the font-weight for the footnote when wrapped in a superscript.
If this boolean attribute is present, it defines the footnote text associated with the id but does not insert the actual footnote indicator. Useful when defining a footnote that may appear in an image.
The unique identity of this footnote or the identity of a previously defined footnote if you want to include multiple instances of the same symbol in your email.
When this boolean attribute is present, ensures the footnote appears only once the first time it is encountered.
This boolean attribute indicates that the footnote symbol should be wrapped in <sup></sup> tags automatically.
The symbol to use for this footnote. When omitted, footnotes are numbered uniquely in the order they appear in the email.
The text or legalese associated with this footnote.