Inkcite 1.18.3

Compatibility Testing

Testing your Inkcite-built emails with Email on Acid or Litmus is easy. Both are paid services that preview your emails across every major email clients and mobile device - an essential prerequisite before you hit the “Send!” button.

To enable compatibility testing, the first step is to update the test- address section of your project’s config.yml file:

# Litmus ( and Email on Acid ( (paid services)
# customers enter your static testing address here to enable instant
# compatibility testing.
test-address: '(YOUR TEST ADDRESS HERE)'

Retrieve your static testing email address from either Email on Acid or Litmus and insert it here. Once you have entered your test address, Inkcite can now send test versions of your email simply by typing this at your terminal or command prompt:

inkcite test

Before sending a copy to the testing service, Inkcite will automatically upload any new images to your CDN. Then Inkcite sends a preview version of the email to Email on Acid or Litmus for testing. It uses the subject defined in your config.yml or helpers.tsv files. Log into the testing service to see your results and check for problems.

If your project uses A/B Testing and Versioning, Inkcite will create separate tests for each variation in your email.