Inkcite 1.18.3


Module-aware Trademark and Registered symbols with optional footnote

The {tm} and {r} Helpers make it easy to meet the legal requirements of adding Trademark and Registered symbols on the first instance of registered name or phrase. Use the id attribute to identify a registered mark in your email or any included module and the appropriate symbol will appear on the first mention.

This Helper also supports an optional footnote reference that can accompany the symbol the first time it appears. You can either include the footnote text directly with the footnote attribute or, if used as a boolean attribute, Inkcite will look in the footnotes.tsv file for the content to reference.


Example Inkcite markup:

 The trademark on Brand{tm id=brand} appears after the first mention, not the second Brand{tm id=brand} mention.

An example of the resulting email HTML output:

 The trademark on Brand<sup style="font-size:70%;line-height:1;mso-text-raise:60%;vertical-align:top">&trade;</sup> appears after the first mention, not the second Brand mention.

Inkcite’s markup is 37% shorter than conventional HTML.


Optional indication there is a footnote associated with this symbol. Specify the complete text of the footnote to reference or, use as a boolean attribute and the content will be retrieved from footnotes.tsv using the symbol’s ID.
Specify the identity of this trademark/registered symbol.
If this boolean attribute is present, the symbol will not be superscripted. Useful if you are including the symbol that is already in a superscripted area.