Inkcite 1.18.3


Block out sections of your email during development

The {redacted} Helper is useful while you’re developing an email but don’t have all of the information necessary to complete the project - such as the retail pricing on a new item or the name of a super secret new product. Place this Helper around the unknown content and Inkcite will redact the content in previews.

To keep you from making an #EmailMistake, Inkcite will then warn you that your email contains redacted content (and will helpfully refuse to build the production version of the email unless you force it) until you remove the redact.


Example Inkcite markup:

 Be the first to own the NEW {redacted text="WidgetDohicky 2.0"}
 for only {redacted text="199.99" with="#"}

An example of the resulting email HTML output:

 Be the first to own the NEW XxxxxxXxxxxxx x.x
for only ###.##


Attributes in bold are required.

The text to be redacted
Allows you to control the obscuring character